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 Jasola Vihar
- A Work of Faith.

Our greatest gift for the children of New Delhi is our school at Jasola Vihar (above). Children at Jasola receiving gifts at Christmas timeFinancing of this school would not have been possible if it were not for the help of our partners in the U.S. The children never could have imagined that such a beautiful, first-rate facility would have been built for them. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed and those who continue to work towards its completion.

Jasola opened in March of 2005 and has just begun its second school year. Currently 475 students attend school at this building in the 1st through 8th grades. The projected capacity of this building is 2200 students. We want to help this school not just to achieve that capacity, but to provide a complete 1st through 12th grade curriculum and faculty.

The Jasola School has been a work of faith from the beginning, and this faith has been honored. When the Alaknanda slum was demolished, the families were moved to a relocation colony less than 2 kms from the Jasola site.

The Lord has been faithful in the school’s construction and in providing for the monthly costs. Many times, it seemed impossible to pay the bills…but the support always came and often in surprising ways. Every month’s work has been completed debt-free and paid in full.

There are many opportunities to support this and other TGS projects – to join partners from around the world in giving Delhi’s slum children a hope and a future.


In 2002, two acres of land was purchased in Jasola, a developing area of Delhi. Plans were made to build a school with all the modern facilities and space to teach up to 12th standard, and give an education comparable to Delhi’s most prestigious schools.


Jasola Quick Facts:
1.  2,200 student capacity, growing to 2 shifts and nearly 5,000 children
2.  80,000 square foot facility, is equipped with classrooms, computer and science labs, and play areas
3.  $3.5 million dollars for land, building, equipment and materials
4.  The Jasola School has been built debt-free and in full each month.


Other TGS projects:
The Delhi Schools Project was a huge undertaking, but it is only one part of The Good Samaritans total efforts. To see more about what The Good Samaritans is doing in the fields of vocational training, tribal literacy, and disaster relief, please visit their website.


Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh with
young students


Madanpur Khadar
The center at Madanpur Khadar was first established in the Alaknanda slum in January of 1991 and moved with the community when it was relocated to Mandanpur Khadar in July of 2003. At first, the school was held in small rented room within the slum community. In 2003, TGS was able to raise enough money to buy land within walking distance to the relocation colony. Now there is a complex with 8 large classrooms, offices, and a large, grassy yard where the children can play.

Madanpur Khadar is one of two feeder centers for the nearby Jasola location. Each school day has two sessions, one in the morning for the very young students, nursery-1st grade and one in the afternoon for the 2nd-5th grades. Currently, Madanpur Khadar is our largest center with 500 students. It is very encouraging that the entry level class is our largest with 126 students in lower level kindergarten.

The second feeder school for Jasola is located within another slum community called Dakshinpuri. This slum, although not as large as the relocation colony of the Madanpur Khadar slum, has many more deaths each year due to hazardous living conditions. Unlike Madanpur Khadar, the government has not ordered a relocation of this poverty stricken community. This school was established in September of 1992 and currently has 303 students enrolled.

The Good Samaritans have two school centers located in the farming communities outside of the city. The government does not provide public education for those who live in rural areas. Children often remain uneducated or the families are forced to move to the city where they will live within the unsanitary and hazardous conditions of a slum community. In 1994, TGS recognized the need for centers outside of Delhi and established its first school in Bindapur. In 2003 the number of students was increasing rapidly so the school moved to a larger facility in the nearby area of Issapur. The school has 87 students in nursery-2nd grades and continues to grow.

First school in Bindapur (right) which is now a church for the surrounding community. The area around the building is TGS owned farm land which experiments with and grows various crops to support the community.  >>

Shanti Vihar
Shanti Vihar, established in 1992 is the second center located within another agricultural community. It is the smallest of the four centers with only 35 students. The number of farmers has decreased significantly in the past decade due to lack of government assistance and support.


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